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Pulling your putt or have a shaky / loopy stroke? Gimme can help.

About Us

We’re a grip manufacturing company dedicated to bringing style and performance to the golf industry through our quality putter grips, unique ball marker feature, and premium designs. At Gimme Grips, we believe that golf isn’t just about getting the lowest round, but escaping the 9-5 and enjoying some laughs with friends, throwing down a cold one, and improving your personal game.

Our Brand

Gimme Grips is all about creating products and designs that help all skill levels enjoy the game even more and feel confident while playing with buddies or in a tournament. Our grips are designed to provide superior performance and grip with it’s non-tapered shape, large diameter, and multi-textured surface.

You're not going to find hibiscus patterns here. Well, maybe Azaleas. Gimme’s team splits its time between Orange County and Palm Springs, CA drawing design inspiration from surf to the desert palms.

So if you're ever in Orange County or Palm Springs, be sure to hit us up and say hello. We'd love to help you find the perfect grip for your style and play a round together.