Inspired by the socks that accompanied many Powell and Peralta boards, this is a classic.

Enhanced Feel & Comfort

  • Our mid-sized diameter and soft touch reduces the tension in hands and forearms, leading to a more relaxed and comfortable stroke. 

Stability & Control

  • Reduced wrist movement during your putting stroke will provide you with greater stability and control over your stroke. 

Ball Marker Convenience 

  • You won’t be wasting time searching for a marker, it’s right there on your putter for when you need it. 

Style & Confidence 

  • Our grip designs are influenced by our youthful spirit and love of the outdoors.


Material: High-tech Polymer | Core size: 58 Round | Weight: 55g |

Outside Diameter: Midsize (1.17") | Length: 10.5”

Ball Marker: Magnetic